Richard Trenner is a Princeton-based photographer, writer, editor, lecturer, and consultant. As a photographer, Trenner works in photojournalism and art photography.

His father, Nelson Richards Trenner Sr., and his paternal grandfather, George Lewis Trenner, were serious amateur photographers, as evidenced by Kodachrome images from the time of Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 and albums from the Spanish-American War in 1898. Catching the shutterbug from their work, Richard began making photographs with a single-lens reflex camera when he was 12 years old. Several thousand photographs and many years later (2008, to be exact), Richard won the first formal recognition for his work when one of his photographs was named best-in-show at the Focus on Sculpture juried competition at Grounds for Sculpture. Other photographs were selected for the same annual show in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Since 2008, Trenner has had several solo shows, been selected for about 20 juried competitions, won a number of awards, and had several of his photographs published in books.  Today, his work is held in some 30 private collections.

Trenner’s work as a writer is three-fold: criticism (writing and photography), reporting (mostly for The New York Times and The Washington Post), and writing about writing (he has written or co-written three books on communication and is working on a book about writing).

His work as an editor encompasses journalism, books, and articles. He has edited some 20 books for the Lodima Press, a publisher of fine art photography books. Between college and graduate school, he worked at Little, Brown and Company, publishers, in Boston, and edited two weekly newspapers.

Trenner, who earned degrees in English from Princeton and Rutgers universities, has taught more than 250 writing workshops for universities and businesses. For nine years, he was a Lecturer in Public and International Affairs at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, where he set up and conducted the Writing Center.

For the record, his full name is Nelson Richards Trenner Jr.